Men and Women Are Different

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Women have different bodies with unique body mechanics. They require exercises and programs designed especially for them. Ones that will help them achieve better results. And even more importantly – avoid unnecessary injury.

Core Expectations is Toronto’s only in-home service providing safe and effective pre & postnatal personal training, abdominal rehabilitation and other support services exclusively to pregnant women and busy moms with little time in the privacy of their home.

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Elisabeth Parsons

As a mother of 4 boys and a divorced, remarried, step-mom who is no longer in her 20’s, I feel I can honestly say; I’ve been there.

I have spent most of my adult life in Canada, but growing up in Norway taught me what it means to live an active life and the value of it.  Walking to work, to the store and to pick up their kids is a way of life there and something they do by choice for their own health and to teach the same to their children.  Already at an early age I developed lifelong healthy habits that have served me well.

Women are the engines that drive family and family life. My boys placed high demands on my energy level and at times patience when they were younger. Being physically fit and eating well benefited me tremendously. It has allowed me to be a positive role model for my own children and helped them to in turn embrace a healthy active lifestyle.  I want that for you!

It is this lifelong passion for living well I want to share with you.


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