Core Expectations is Toronto’s only in-home service providing safe and effective pre & postnatal personal training, abdominal rehabilitation and other support services exclusively to pregnant women and busy moms with little time in the privacy of their home.

Pregnancy and parenthood is an exciting, overwhelming, but often exhausting time in life. You do all you can to prepare yourself psychologically for the changes in your family and your lifestyle, but it is often the physical changes to your body that take over before you know it.  During pregnancy we “expect” to be tired, excited, anxious and deal with impending weight gain. After the baby arrives, we expect to be sleep deprived, nervous, hormonal, stressed and busy beyond belief!It seems like we intuitively prepare ourselves for all the negative things and forget about the possibilities.

How about changing our expectations to setting the stage for a healthy beginning? Maintaining strength and energy through exercise and nutrition can help alleviate many pregnancy related discomforts and assist us in running up and down those stairs 20 times per day changing diapers, putting in a load of laundry and just having enough stamina to complete daily tasks.

This is the core of the service we provide. Through Core Expectations, you can expect to feel strong and optimistic about the days ahead. With our personalized in-home services, we help you manage the increased demands pregnancy can make on your body as well as regain your postpartum health in a reasonable time frame. We show you how to set realistic goals that are attainable.

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