WonderWoman Retreats

What would be the one thing you would do if nothing stood in your way?  Don’t know?  Let’s explore that wonderful place within us so that we can learn how to begin expressing fully who we really are.

The WonderWoman Self-Care Weekend will introduce you to what is true and authentic within yourself. Because our lives are so busy; because we have been hurt; because we don’t have the tools – we begin to neglect ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally, thus moving us away from who we really are.

WonderWoman Retreat

Elisabeth is very familiar with the challenges women face daily both in their family life and personally.  After 19 years of marriage, she went through a very difficult divorce followed by what she describes as a wonderful journey of self-discovery.  It is her passion to help other women find their true selves and live joyful lives.

Through exploration and goal setting you will walk away with a clearer understanding of your own personal essence and will experience what it feels like to have the desire to live a more optimal life that is aligned with your values and dreams.
Discover that when we honor ourselves, we become empowered and masters of our lives. And only through our personal empowerment can we truly be WonderWomen.

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