Use the WonderWoman Card to #DesignYourLife

Think of us as your Dream Concierge.  Start by talking to a coach to get started on designing your optimal life.  The life you always wanted for yourself.  Be the confident, strong and powerful woman you were always meant to be.  #DesignYourLife and become the master of your universe and the WonderWoman you know you are.

There are several services available to you (and the list is growing) no matter what your obstacles are.  Even if you don’t know what stands in your way we can help you sort through and find your true inner voice.  It is there, you just might need a little help finding it again.  Motherhood puts you second, third – last.  We want to put you first in a way that will make it easier to care for your family, to enjoy your marriage, and to balance your job, family, health and social life.


Who is the WonderWoman Card for? 

  • Women who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of work, family and motherhood
  • Women who want more joy and vitality in their life
  • Women who have a dream but don’t know how to get there.
  • Women who have set goals before (New Years resolutions, health/weight goals etc) but not reached them.
  • Women who are ready to take steps towards a more balanced, healthier, happier and truer life

What does the WonderWoman Program entail?

  • Coaching sessions to find your specific and best path to your goals
  • Together you will #DesignYourLife with a specific plan that is tailored to YOU and your dreams
  • Your coach will act as your concierge connecting you with the services and people who will help you get there.
  • Some of the services providers available are: Personal Trainers, Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionists, Stylists, Organizers and Massage Therapists and more

How does it work:

  • Step 1: initial session with your coach to create your #DesignYourLife plan
  • Step 2: Load your WonderWoman Card
  • Step 3: Virtually swipe your card every time you book a service according to your #DesignYourLife plan.
  • Step 4: Regular contact with your coach to keep you moving forward and on track

What does it cost:

That depends on what your #DesignYourLife Plan looks like.  Your first coaching session is free (a value of $120) and together you will determine what your needs and goals are and based on this what your plan will be and what services we load on your card.  So contact us today and set up your first coaching session – it’s FREE!


In addition to our wonderful Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Massage Therapists we have also brought on board a Personal Stylist and an Organizer.  Their information is below

Are you a busy mom who needs a little style help? Or are you heading back to work after your maternity leave?  Are none of the clothes in your closet working for you anymore?

Better Styled is like a personal stylist and your favourite clothing store all in one.  For over 10 years Erin Nadler has been helping busy women and moms achieve a zen like state when they get dressed in the morning.  Better Styled offers a one-on-one by appointment approach to shopping by allowing the client to sit back and relax in a private salon while the clothing is brought to her.  Looking for a closet overhaul?  The experts at Better Styled can help you with that as well.  This is not for the super rich but is the magic of Better Styled.  


Core Expectations is pleased to be part of the Health Moms Toronto program.  Special discounts are offered to card holders, and as an introductory incentive, we will load an additional $50 onto your WonderWoman Card the first time you load it.  For more information and to purchase a Healthy Moms Toronto card click on the card.