Around 4 years ago my then 21-year old son walked into the kitchen and declared that he was glad he was not a girl.  I will admit my initial response was not particularly eloquent.  It went something like this; “huh?  Why?”  I love being a woman!

He further explained that it’s way too hard to be a girl.  “They have so much they have to worry about”, he went on to explain.  “Like what?” I asked.  He started rambling off things like self-esteem and confidence issues, body image, eating disorders.  He also talked about safety and fear (fear of rape, assault etc).  Wow!  I didn’t really know what to say.  And before I could formulate much of a response he had walked out of the room.

If you know anything about me then you know I didn’t leave things like that.  So when he came home the next day, I sat him down to show him the other side of this.  I felt that he somehow saw women as weak and fragile and no son of mine is going to go through life thinking that… He’ll only end up with a knee or a fist somewhere it doesn’t belong 😉

I agreed with him in that society places huge and unrealistic expectations on young women today and these expectations are reinforced across the various social media platforms.  All these “perfect” images of happy women, all loving life, their clothes, themselves and their boyfriends and BFFs – or so it seems anyway.  It is hard to be a young woman today.  And honestly, I think a lot of this affects young men as well.

The thing is women are so much more than what he was saying, and of course, at 21 he doesn’t necessarily know that because the young women he hung out with didn’t even know it yet.

Women are strong, empathetic and nurturing.  We are selfless in how we raise our kids and give all of ourselves to motherhood.

Women are amazing friends.  Caring, supportive and strong.

Women bring beauty to little things.  We make a house a home.  We will sit with you all night if needed and a mother’s hug is the best in the world.

Laugh, cry, shriek with joy and excitement.  We do it all and especially together.

Women have the strength to walk down dark streets even when they are afraid because it is the only way home.  The moment we find out we are pregnant there is nothing more important ever in our lives than protecting, loving and nurturing the life we have made.

I love being a woman and everything that comes with it.  Sure… having to pee when out in the wild is not ideal, but that’s about it.  We can make babies!  And we belong to the same tribe as Erin Brockovich, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks and Ellen!

And, let’s be honest; we get to wear a lot more awesome outfits.  We can wear short skirts and sleeveless tops to a hot summer wedding.  They guys have to wear suits and ties.  Yuck!  And last but not least – Women and girls can be princesses and wear tiaras!  I rest my case J

So let’s celebrate Women’s Day together and everything it means whether it is solidarity, equality, feminism, #metoo movements or anything else.

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