What do you do about gift giving in your family?  Does everyone give to everyone?  Do you draw names?  Are you thinking you might want to do things a little differently this year and give more impactful gifts?  It takes more than money to give a gift with impact.  You need an open mind and some imagination.  Think of how to make memories and impact the lives of your loved ones.

I will still be heading out next weekend looking for Black Friday Specials to buy some gifts as the savings are so great.  However, I am noticing a new trend – and that is; giving gifts that have more meaning than just a material item.  Below are some ideas:

Something educational, motivational or self-enriching

    • You know those courses people think about taking, or skills they have been wanting to update, but they just haven’t set aside the funds or the time. Perhaps it’s a book related to their field of work or a hobby or interest….  Perhaps time with a coach.  Give a loved one that education, inspiration, and motivation they have been seeking.
  1. Give an experience
    • There is actually a website that addresses this called lifeexperiences.ca. And as the happy recipient of a gift like this, I can honestly say – this is a great gift!
  2. Give to charity or a cause in someone’s name
      • This can be done in one of two ways; either through a charitable donation or by giving your time. And if you choose the latter then bring the person along and then it becomes an experience you can share together.  Win, win, win, with an impactful and meaningful gift for you, your loved one and the charity.
      • Some of our favourites:
  3. Give your time
    • This kind of ties into the one above, but can be done in many other ways as well. Now that my boys are older and don’t necessarily want me to buy their clothes for them, I will give them a Yorkdale (mall) gift card instead.  And for the most part they still think it’s fun to bring me along for this shopping trip and of course – lunch is on mom 😉 But we all know that kids love your time, so maybe give a coupon book redeemable for a trip to the bowling alley, or the spa, or lunch, or a game… you know what they will think is fun.  But remember; what they want the most is time with you
  4. Give the gift of health and wellness
    • This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Because when your loved ones do something so valuable for themselves as starting an exercise program, or start to focus on eating in a way that really nurtures them, you will see the changes in them.  Their confidence goes up, they will have more energy and a more positive outlook.  These are just some of the benefits, there are many more.
    • This can be given in many forms, whether it be a one-year membership at the gym; time with a personal trainer; introducing them to a new sport; buying them the equipment they need to start something new like snowshoes or cross-country skis or maybe a TRX. I mention those specifically because you can get the equipment fairly inexpensively and there aren’t any additional costs involved for the most part.
  5. Give your loved ones the SHORT & SWEET package.  These three 45 minute sessions with a personal trainer will propel you forward like nothing you have ever tried before.  You will get three great workouts, as well as nutritional recommendations that you actually want to follow and in your third session, you will receive valuable coaching so you can make a plan moving forward.  You can read all about it here.  TIP: This is a great gift for yourself as well.

So, do you shop Black Friday Deals?  Or have we convinced you to give a little differently this year?  Would love to hear your ideas!

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Have fun!