Staying fit and having fun in this summer

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It’s July, it’s summer and quite possibly you are reading this while sitting on a dock, deck or poolside. Or perhaps you are lingering over a cup of coffee since you don’t have to go to work. Good for you!

As you are enjoying the lack of a routine, you might also be experiencing a lack of organized exercise and activity… Am I hitting home for anyone?? “But I am being more active!”  – you say… Sure… I am sure you are, and that is great. But the reality is that you are also probably eating more and enjoying more alcoholic beverages.  Don’t worry! I am not trying to tell you to stick to only kale salads and enjoy a soda instead of whatever else you prefer. I get it! I love sipping a glass of rose by our pool and eating yummy appies with friends at their cottage (which I try to get invited to as often as possible). Ice cream you say…?!? Count me in 😉

The key is to also make time to move your body and eat healthy most of the time. It’s all about the 80/20 rule.  I want to make this super simple and fun. Most of this you know but sometimes it helps to see it on paper right?  So here is my Summer Fit & Fun Guide:

Summer Fit & Fun Activity Guide:

  • On the road driving – no problem – stop every 90 minutes or so and get out and as a family do 100 jumping jacks or 50 squats, or go for a 15-minute walk if there is a park/conservation area.
  • Plan ahead – look at the map and plan to have lunch where there is space for you and the kids to run around, walk, hike, play ball or whatever. You will feel so much better getting back in the car.
  • Bike ride – whether you bring them on a road trip or you are at home enjoying a staycation – bike riding is fun! And the best part is you can all do it together. Here is my challenge to you: look for some hills and ride up looping around and repeat 2-3 times. Legs will burn, you will burn calories and you will have earned your bevvy 😉
  • Swimming. Absolutely fabulous exercise!!! No impact, so no pain. Super refreshing on hot days. In my previous (ex) life we had a cottage where we spent the summer. We used to have swimming contests of how many times we could swim to the neighbour dock and back and treading water for the longest and standing and balancing on a floatie (super core workout right there). The competition is optional, but can make it really fun, especially for the kids who will likely beat you!
  • Walking/Hiking: This can be done anywhere and anytime. But walk with some pace or it becomes just a stroll. Put on your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellant depending on the time of day and head out for a good, heart-pumping walk. Find some hills, stairs, rocks and rough terrain to make it more challenging and interesting. Again, kids might not be interested in a neighbourhood walk, but they will love a hike on some trails.
  • At home workouts – I have created a whole playlist of workouts you can do anywhere. Check them out here.

Summer fit & fun eating guide:

  • If driving and road trips are on the agenda this summer, planning is everything when it comes to eating well. And the truth is, sitting in a car all day and eating crap is going to make you feel like crap. Plus, the kids (and you) will end up asking for and eating even more crap simply for something to do. I used to go on long drives with my four boys and I planned for exactly that. I had a cooler with me with water, PB&J sandwiches, cut up fruit and veggies, crackers, cheese, and other healthy, portable options. This meant that they could just reach in when hungry or bored and so can you.  Don’t wreck all your hard work in the car.
  • When entertaining or if you are the guest at a cottage or wherever there will be lots of tempting food. Try and focus on the veggies and fruit options. Remember you are there to visit and have fun, not to eat your way through the evening. Make good choices.
  • And speaking of choices – I always tell my clients; make a decision/choice before you leave home. Decide what you want more, a few drinks, or to have dessert, appies or whatever.  If you want to have a few drinks and your hubs is your DD, then say no to unhealthy foods, stick to the good for you food and enjoy a few drinks with no guilt. Or the other way around.

I could go on and on with various choices you can make like sorbet instead of ice cream and spritzing up your wine so you drink less etc. But I think you know all this.  The key is to remember your why. Why you have these goals and why you are not letting go of these just because you are on vacation. Yes, things will be a little different, but there is no reason you can’t have a wonderful time, enjoy a variety of foods and still feel good, energized and on track.

In my opinion; if you come home from vacation not having gained weight that is considered weight loss! #winwin #mymesseduplogic

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