Congratulations on being pregnant!  How exciting!

Though I am guessing a little overwhelming as well.  So much to think about, decisions to be made, furniture and strollers etc to be bought.

And then there’s all the different things to consider like home-birth or hospital birth, should you hire a Doula and/or a Midwife?  Who will be present at the delivery, what to do about stretch marks and is it ok to take something for your seasonal allergies and are all maternal vitamins the same.  Should you exercise or not, and if yes, what is safe?  How can you prevent a diastasis and what even is that!!???

Not to mention once the baby is born, a whole host of new questions and decisions to be made; like is it ok to let her/him cry it out or not, whether or not to co-sleep, baby wear, how long to nurse, child-care when you return to work, should you exercise or not and will you ever stop leaking when you laugh or sneeze, and can you take allergy meds while you are nursing so you don’t sneeze so often..?

It is a long time ago since I had my babies, and in many ways there were fewer decisions.  Mostly because of no internet.  Yes, it has been that long….my youngest are 20.  And many of the things new parents grapple with today weren’t even a “thing” when I was having my kids.  In some ways I am glad.  I feel bad for young pregnant women today and the often judgemental barrage of “you are going to do.. aren’t you?”  And if you are a good mother you won’t even consider any other food for your baby but home-made organic baby food, and cloth diapers made out of home spun organic cotton…  I am joking a little, but I do meet so many moms that often feel so inadequate because they can’t live up to the perceived standard that apparently everyone else lives up to.

The truth – everyone has bad days and no one is perfect all the time.  I am going to give you the same advice I will one day give my kids when they are about to become parents:

If you need advice, go and get it from your friends or family who
parent like you would like to parent

That is what I lived by and it served my kids and myself quite well.  Everyone
else, I just didn’t ask.  And if they offered their unsolicited advice or opinions… – nod and smile –

And when it comes to the other big decisions like whether or not to hire a Doula – go and talk to one and see what you and your partner thing about it; whether or not to exercise – speak with a personal trainer who specializes in this population (and your doctor); how to get rid of morning sickness – speak with a nutritionist who also specializes in this population… you get my drift.

Enjoy this time of anticipation and planning and remember you always know what is best for you!

All the best,

Elisabeth, Mother of 4 boys (including twins)

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