For those who are pregnant or recently post-partum – your Skype Trainer will also help you with:
  • Exercises for birth – preparing your body for pregnancy and birth
  • Core rehabilitation and re-training after birth

Personal Training LIVE online.

With everything going “online” it only makes sense that fitness would go there too. But it does take a lot of discipline to get up, get motivated and actually do it. Hence why training LIVE online works even better. The guidance is there, the support you need and having your own personal cheerleader is the difference between an ok workout and a GREAT one! Accountability is one of the leading causes of success not only to ensure you don’t let others down but you


  • Alignment and posture assessment/corrections
  • Releases and stretches to alleviate muscle imbalances and compensations
  • Step-by-step guided programming for your individual goals
  • Core preparation for pregnancy and birth
  • Core rehabilitation after birth
  • Specific training techniques to help with Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Email support

Personal Training LIVE Online

You are 80% more likely to reach your goal if you work with a Personal Trainer!  Now you can work with our highly qualified team even if you don’t live in our area.

Whatever your goals; we make sure that you are educated, motivated and safely guided to where you want to be so you can feel good in your body without pain or injury.

So what are you waiting for? Nix the excuses and get started TODAY!

What You Will Need 

There is a minimum investment that you will need to get started to ensure the best training experience possible.

  • Stability (exercise) ball
  • Resistance tubing – light and medium resistance
  • Theraband – medium resistance
  • Free weights – 1 pair each:
    • 3, 5 and 10lb
  • Yoga mat (not a must)
  • Pillow (nice to have)

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