This has been a crazy week for me as I am stepping waaay outside of my comfort zone and running my first full-fledged Facebook advertising campaign and email campaign to promote my Black Friday Speical.  I have run specials before, but honestly – they never sold well and I figured out why…more or less anyway.

  1. The packages I chose to run were too expensive for this purpose
  2. I had no idea how to market it so no one knew there was a special going on… (embarrassing, to say the least…)

So this year, I wanted to put something together for you that you actually need and that will help you. Something that will work into your life seamlessly so you can reach your goals and….I can reach mine.  In this case, I am not talking about financial goals for me, but rather the goal of reaching more of you and giving

YOU the incentive and the tools to invest in YOUR health and YOURSELF this Holiday Season.  We – women, moms, daughters, sisters – give so much this time of year.  We give gifts, sure… but we also give our time, energy and strength.  We help family members feel comfortable and welcome, we help our kids wait and anticipate in a way that doesn’t have us pulling our hair out too much.  We attend music performances, parties, host them, visit family, shop, wrap, decorate, bake, cook, smile, move elf on the shelf, read stories, give baths and so on…  Exercise…. “ya right” you say.  The thing is;  exercising during the Holiday Season will help you.  It will give you energy, help you sleep better and reduce your stress – actually!  But I had to make this work for you!  I had to make it

SHORT & SWEET  <– Click to learn more

  • Shorter sessions – because that is all you have time for right now – so they are only 45 minutes long instead of an hour
  • The price point is sweet because it is lower.  I know money is spoken for already and I wanted you to be able to not only buy it for yourself but for someone you love who you know needs and deserves this as well.  And maybe the two of you can find some time to do this together…if possible.
  • And the sweetest of all – 30% off at the Lole Yorkville store from now until Jan 1st.  So now you can buy yourself some wellness and health, reduce your stress, shop for 30% off for yourself and those on your list!  Check, check, check that list off!

I am honestly so excited about this and what it can do for you that it was well worth my website crashing, Facebook (temporarily) shutting me out of my ad account, and Mailchimp telling me that I can’t add an optin into my email campaign as I had planned.  Somehow, many hours later, many, many, many hours…. it all got sorted out and today the sale is here, ready for you.  What exactly does it include you ask:

  • Three 45-minute personal training sessions (in your home)
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Holiday nutrition plan
  • And of course – 30% off your purchase at the Lole store
Who is this for?? YOU
  • Women, pregnant, never pregnant, new moms, not so new moms, women in Menopause, and everyone in between

So join us and have the healthiest, stress-free Holiday Season yet!  Get a head start on your New Year’s health goals and avoid the holiday “plumping”

Also check out this great post from our Nutritionist, Frances Lea, there is a yummy recipe inside too!

Holiday Parties and control. Can you?