Reflecting on and celebrating successes of the year past

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If you are anything like me – as the year draws to a close – I find myself reflecting on the year that has gone by.  I take stock.  Both in my business and my personal life.  And to be completely honest with you, especially in my personal life.  I think about the moments, the things that happened that mattered, the people in my life that I love.  What did I learn?  What was good?  What was not great?  Did I learn from that?  I don’t regret.  For me, regret is reserved for when we choose to be victims and give up control of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong – bad shit happens.  But by taking ownership of it, by learning from it – I can grow from it.  Instead of this “bad thing” controlling my life, my year, my happiness, I take back control by kicking it in the A$$ and determining how to avoid that mistake, error in judgment, or whatever in the future.  And at that moment I get to be glad it happened because it served a greater purpose.  I am certainly not always proud of everything I do.  I make lots of mistakes and things happen that I really don’t like.  But it is only when I give away the control of that moment that it gets me really down and feeling defeated.

So, as I take stock and dust off from this past year, I see so much good and many precious moments I am beyond grateful for.  My son’s wedding to the sweetest young woman who is now my daughter in law.  The week-long cottage vacation leading up to the wedding with my closest family.  Our new puppy that just joined our family.  Presenting at a US fitness conference was a huge check off my bucket list!  Always grateful for my family, my sweet husband and my BFFs that I could not live without.  The list is long – lucky me.  I am also thankful for my optimism, my work ethic and my intellect.  I appreciate my physical strength and my commitment to my self-care – though this is always a work in progress.

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for what you are good at!

In my business, I have enjoyed a good year reaching new milestones that I have been trying to achieve for years.  I have forged a business friendship I couldn’t do this without, or at least I don’t want to 😉

I also experienced an injury while doing something I love to do, mountain biking.  While the injury wasn’t huge, it was significant enough to stop me from riding for 3 months and has sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole.  I have discovered before how much I rely on my health and physical strength to pull me through and make me feel strong mentally as well.  I am still recovering emotionally and as I look forward to the year coming, this is something I need to overcome.  This is a priority.

So, as I review my business goals, I also set my personal goals.  I am getting clear about my goals and intentions, and I am excited.

Remember a goal is the plan and action steps you put in place to make your intentions a reality.

So here are the action steps I want you to take with me as we head into 2019:

  1. Write down 3(or more) things in your personal life that went really well this year. It can be anything!  Ie: you started eating better, you are getting more sleep, you lost weight, you read 5 books…. Anything you wanted to do and did, or that you did that made you feel good, goes on this list.
  2. Do the same for your professional life. Did you nail a presentation?  Ask for a raise? Finally, take a vacation? C’mon…I know you have been killing it this year!  It’s all in how you look at it 🙂
  3. Write down 2 things that were great learning moments in your life. And pay attention to how your life has been enriched by what you learned and experienced, even if the original moment was not good.
  4. Now that you have connected with yourself on a deeper level, stay in the moment and complete these following sentences by filling in the blank:
    • In 2019 I intend to be more: 
      • I will achieve this by doing this:
    • In 2019 I intend to do more of this:
      • My first action step to achieve this is:

Wow!  We are already off to a great start!  I can’t wait to see what we all achieve this year.  And so you know  – my focus word for 2019 is ACHIEVE.  What is yours?

Love Always,



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