A big question I know, but now that I have peaked your interest please read on.

On some level, we all want to make changes.  We talk about it, dream about it and sometimes we even do something about it, but then in the long run… nothing changes.  You may just dismiss it, or perhaps you internally get angry or disappointed with yourself for failing.  Don’t!  We all fail several times before we succeed.  The fact that you are thinking about it or have tried shows that a change is needed and that it is within you!

Why is it that most of us fail when trying to make a major change in our lives?  We tend Imageto blame it on lack of willpower, or lack of discipline.  Not so!  Studies have shown that success is connected to relationships.  Specifically relationships with someone who inspires hope and belief that you can and will succeed.  A mentor of sorts.  Someone who makes you say; “if he/she can do it, then so can I”.

As a health and lifestyle coach, I work primarily with women, and I will actually use this with my clients.  They know that I have made all these changes in my life and I remind them all the time that if I can do it so can they.  And it works!  Do you have a person like this in your life?  Remember, it does not have to be a close friend, spouse, family or even someone you know well.  If this person does not exist in your life right now, then go and find them!  I meet people all the time who inspire me to make changes.  Bring them into your life.  A little off topic, but somewhat related: I had children earlier than any of my friends, so when they finally started having kids some came to me for advice, but more came to me asking where I learned from.  And I told them “go to someone who parents in a way that you admire or can relate to”.  It’s the same concept.  Find someone who does things in a way that makes sense to you or who has accomplished what you have set as a goal and go to them for inspiration.  Most people would be honoured to be that person and will share willingly.

In today’s internet age, this is easier than ever.  You can join Facebook groups, chat rooms or hire a coach online that you can Skype or email daily/weekly.  I know that people are more likely to exercise in a group because they enjoy the social aspect – especially women.  So, therefore, in addition to the email and Skype coaching our clients Imageget access to my team and I when they participate in our online programs. They will also get invited into a closed Facebook groups so they can interact with others doing the same thing and share experiences and encourage each other.  This is an integral part of the program.

Too often we believe that change is not possible.  “Been there, done that, and failed”.  With a mentor or a person who inspires you and guides you this negative thought becomes a little more difficult.  After all, she did it….  So, instead of saying “I can’t” ask “how did she do it?”  Then form a relationship with that person and start learning.

What I have been writing about here applies to any change needed, or wanted in your life.  I work with those who want to be healthier and change their lifestyle habits.  I have noticed that those who have been most successful are those who maintained good regular contact with someone who keeps them accountable (a trainer, coach, good friend).  We are here to help you every step of the way.

Join our very special Facebook group today and you will instantly have access to free advice, workouts, tips and more – PLUS – you will make a bunch of new friends who are all trying to do the same thing!  See you there!

Elisabeth xo

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