january kick start 2018!

Below is a quick, full body workout I created in the summer, but it can be done anywhere, anytime.  It basically takes 5 minutes and then you can repeat it as often as you would like.  I recommend you do it at least twice for a good 10-minute workout.  More is better of course… 🙂  Have fun and let me know what you think in our brand new Facebook Group where we are helping you be your very best.

This month we are offering a super package to give you a great start on your health related goals.  You can work with one of our qualified personal trainers to learn proper form, posture corrections, best exercises for your goals and your body and so much more!  This can be done in person or via Skype.  And because it is January we are throwing in the 11th session for free when you purchase a 10-pack.

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