Here you go!  Your Preemptive Strike

Getting strong again after baby #2

By Team Member Suzanne Serfaty Changing diapers, breastfeeding, laundry, pumping milk, sterilizing bottles, changing diapers, doctors appointments, rocking, shushing, snuggling, attempting to cook, feed the other children, clean the house, buy groceries, fit in a...

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Spring and new things like babies 😉

Congratulations on being pregnant!  How exciting! Though I am guessing a little overwhelming as well.  So much to think about, decisions to be made, furniture and strollers etc to be bought. And then there's all the different things to consider like home-birth or...

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6 small steps to a healthy heart – Part 1

When you think of what makes a healthy heart what comes to mind? Exercise…healthy lifestyle habits…cholesterol…blood pressure… February is heart month and along with that there is a lot of attention on how to have a healthy heart – physiologically.  And as a personal...

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How to Turn a Stroller Walk into a Workout

By Team Member - Lisa Mawas A few days after your baby is born, it is usually safe to start walking. Walking with the stroller is both a good way to exercise and a great way to keep your baby sleeping. Once you are more physically up to it, you can start making your...

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How to Get Sexy Arms

By Team Member: Susanna Yampolsky When it comes to looking fit and toned, the arms are a great place to start. With proper arm exercises, not only will your arms look great but you will also get the benefit of being stronger and more powerful in your daily activities...

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