Here you go!  Your Preemptive Strike

What is it like to work with a personal trainer?

Or maybe the question should be - What should it be like to work with a personal trainer?  There are many considerations when making a decision to invest in a personal trainer.  First, you have to make the biggest decision of all – and that is to invest in yourself...

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Moms! 10 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer

By Owner & Director, Elisabeth Parsons - Personal Trainer   Do you fix your own car or do you take it to a mechanic? Do you fix your malfunctioning toilet or do you call the plumber? What about electrical issues...close your eyes and pray..?  No - you call an...

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Get in shape and ready for spring and summer

I sit here and write this as the snow is blowing past my window in the middle of March.  I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to warmer days, green grass and spending more time outdoors.  We are coming into what I call a personal trainer’s “January”.  Soon...

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Are you looking forward to Spring?

I am!  It’s -11 outside as I sit here with my hot coffee and warm sweater on dreaming of warmer days.  The best day all year is the first day the temp gets into the mid-teens and the sun is finally warm again instead of being a sign that it is probably very very cold...

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