March Madness:

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We are running our very own March Madness here at Core Expectations.  We only do this 2-3 times per year!!  This is your chance to feel your best, strongest and leanest IN TIME FOR SUMMER!!  Don’t wait until you try your shorts on when we have the next warm, springy day and realize that they don’t fit quite like last year.  START NOW with our Restore Your Core assessment and get started towards your goal of a stronger and leaner YOU.  So, to help you get this going we are offering YOU 40% OFF our initial assessment.  Wow right!?!  Don’t delay – book TODAY!

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What is more important – Cardio exercise or weight training?  And what should I do first?

I get asked these two question a lot!  Both as a Personal Trainer and as a teacher to trainers.  Short answer:  What is more important?  They are both important.  What should you do first?  Depends on your goal Let’s talk a little more about the importance of both...

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Why are Norwegians so much healthier than people in other countries?

When you think of Norwegians as a people, you likely picture blond, healthy and slim people... am I right?  When Norway hosted the Olympics in 1994, there was one broadcast after another showing healthy lifestyle habits and smiling Norwegians outside. When I moved to...

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What are your New Year Resolutions and Intentions for 2018?

Happy happy New Year!  Wishing you the very best year ever!! Because of the business, I am in, people assume that I will be crazy busy for the next couple of months because so many make it a new year’s resolution to get fit, healthy, lose weight or something like...

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