You are pregnant – Congratulations!

Some things to consider and advice from our experts 


Being active and exercising during your pregnancy is important in maintaining health, energy, and good posture.  Learn how to exercise in a way that prevents pelvic floor issues as well as diastasis recti.

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Good nutrition is so much more than weight control during your pregnancy.  Eating well increases energy, health, and mental acuity of mom and baby, reduces nausea, improves sleep and more.

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Birth Doula

Having a Doula attend your provides you and your partner with the support you need during an emotional and at times stressful time.  Have the birth and delivery you planned.

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Pelvic Physio

Strengthening and maintaining healthy pelvic floor muscles can prevent and rehabilitate common problems as well as make a natural delivery much easier.

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Our RMTs will help you feel better by alleviating general aches and pains, increase mobility and generally help you feel more relaxed and ready especially leading up to your due date.

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Naturopathic Doctor

Working with an ND during your pregnancy can help with common problems like morning sickness, fatigue as well as reduce risk of induction, c-section and going post-date.

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“I don’t know what I don’t know!”

So many questions.. So many answers – Check back soon to see our Pregnancy FAQ section – which we are working on a feverish pace and will let you know the moment it is done : )

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