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You’ve just gone through the biggest and most physical event of your life!  Congratulations!  You are likely exhausted if you had your baby recently, or perhaps you are getting some sleep now.  It might even have been a few years since your youngest was born.  I remember having a lot of questions, feeling exhausted, and definitely emotional.  And somewhere deep inside there was this cry for help; my inner voice – trying to come back and feel normal again, whatever the new normal was going to be.  Do you have questions about how to get your body back?  Best nutrition while nursing? Are there some things that don’t feel quite right physically?  Pain, discomfort, leaking…??  You have come to the right place!  Here, we take care of YOU, so you can take care of your little ones.  You will find information related to safe and effective exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and so much more.  So stick around.  Grab a cup of tea and browse through our articles, services and more and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something we can do to help you! 🙂

Taking care of women through all stages of life, from the inside out

“Leaking when you sneeze, cough or exercise is common but NOT normal” ~ Julia DiPaolo, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Bellies Inc.


Being active and exercising during your pregnancy is important in maintaining health, energy, and good posture.  Learn how to exercise in a way that prevents pelvic floor issues as well as diastasis recti.

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Good nutrition becomes a hundred times more difficult with a new baby in the house, and even more so with several kids and picky eaters.  We know eating well increases energy, health, improves sleep, maintains a healthy weight and more.  How can you make it all work?

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Pelvic Physio

Strengthening and maintaining healthy pelvic floor muscles can prevent and rehabilitate common problems such as urinary incontinence, and back pain.  It is never too late and it is always important for every woman to do this work.

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Our RMTs will help you feel better by alleviating general aches and pains from daily life, increase mobility and generally help you feel better.  This together with training will improve posture and general well-being. Massage can also help with post c-section/surgical scar tissue, headaches and so much more.

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Naturopathic Doctor

Working with an ND at any stage in your life can help with common women’s health issues like hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and stress.  Talk to our ND about the many options available to you in dealing with these every day problems.

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WonderWoman Program

As a new, or not so new, mom; self-care can be difficult.  We tend to put everyone else above us on the list and somehow there is no time or energy left for us at the end of the day.  Let us help you find some time, balance and joy so you can live the life you always imagined.

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Restore Your Core Assessment

The first step is to do an assessment to determine where you are at now as well as next steps.  Our Restore Your Core Assessment is a very thorough assessment that checks for possible Diastasis Recti, and also looks at overall core function and recruitment, pelvic floor function, posture, movement patterns and so much more.  You will be given exercises to get you started along with any other appropriate recommendations.

Build A MOM

Our most popular package includes personal training, nutrition sessions and a massage!

“It has everything I was looking for!”


What is more important – Cardio exercise or weight training?  And what should I do first?

I get asked these two question a lot!  Both as a Personal Trainer and as a teacher to trainers.  Short answer:  What is more important?  They are both important.  What should you do first?  Depends on your goal Let’s talk a little more about the importance of both...

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