I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired but it was even more than that. I needed resuscitation. To be brought back from the brink, but not by a physician but by a personal trainer named Elisabeth. When I sought out Elisabeth and we meet for the first time we chatted about my past successes and failures and my present goals for the future. I was a 52 year old woman beyond trying to have the sculpted body of a photoshopped cover girl. I wanted to feel alive, strong,confident,capable and live the next 50 years being the best me I could be. There was no pill, no magic drink that would bring me back to life so I put myself in Elisabeth’s capable hands and started my journey to wellness.

Elisabeth was as committed to me and my goals as I was to myself. Her knowledge, sensitivity, and program put me on a path to wellness that I have fully embraced and not just for the present but for the rest of my life. Thank you for bringing me back to life Elisabeth.


Pilates Training Sessions

Our Pilates sessions are Personal Training sessions with a Pilates instructor.  She can include as little or as much Pilates as you would like.  We are so please to be able to offer Pilates trainers as this form of exercise has proven to be beneficial especially for deep core strengthening and rehabilitation.  As your baby grows, it is important to maximize rib expansion to allow for easier breath.  Relaxation is particularly important in the pelvic floor to allow for the necessary expansion during birth. After childbirth, Pilates can help new mothers strengthen and recover from the incredible stresses that pregnancy and birth can have on the body since your pelvic floor will likely have been injured and will need rehabilitation. Let us show you how you can get back to ‘feeling normal’ and strong again regardless of whether you have just had a baby or not.

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Pilates Session

Personal Training session with a Pilates Instructor (as available)

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10-pack of Personal Training sessions with a Pilates Instructor (as available)

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