Elisabeth Parsons

Elisabeth is the mother of four grown boys, a fitness, lifestyle and self-care coach who helps women thrive with healthy, active living. Through personal experience and decades of training and education, she has discovered how to create a life full of happiness, confidence and self-acceptance and she is inspired each day to help other women become their own Wonder Woman.

For the past 15 years, Elisabeth has been training and coaching women one-on-one through her company FIT4YOU and recently became the new owner of Core Expectations. She has also launched the Wonder Woman Program (which will host it’s first retreat this upcoming spring)  that helps women reconnect, recharge and refocus for self-care in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

She is thrilled to add the Core Expectations family to her existing one, to help women embrace their inner and outer beauty while safely and efficiently building a powerful body that feels good, in every stage of life.

She is passionate about this business and carries it forward as a PRO TRAINER for canfitpro who facilitatesof courses and exams for those who want to become personal trainers. She is also a Master Trainer for Bellies Inc.

In her spare time she is a mother of 4 older boys and step mom to 2 girls and one boy. She loves to go for trail rides with her sons and teaching classes and workshops in the local community and has always enjoyed being involved with her children’s sports teams and extra curricular activities.


Master Trainer for Bellies Inc, 2015
Certified Bellies Inc Trainer, 2013
Certified Pfilates Instructor, 2013
PRO TRAINER with canfitpro, 2011
Sport Balance Level 1 + 2, TWIST, 2006
Sport Strength Level 1, TWIST, 2005
Personal Trainer Specialist, CanFitPro 2004
Certified Personal Trainer, CPTN 2001
Certified Fitness Consultant, 2001
Fitness Leadership Certificate, Seneca College 2000
Level 1 Ski Instructor, 1981

Functional Assessments, canfitpro Conference, 2006
Indepth study of training Women with their special concerns, 2006.

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