Are you short on time?  Who isn’t?!!  The single most common reason I hear from people for why they don’t exercise regularly is lack of time.

We are all busy.  Technology has not made our lives less busy, on the contrary!  too-busy-to-exercise

I don’t believe lack of time is the real reason.  It may seem that way, and you feel that this is the reason.  But the real reason is that you don’t know where to start.  And you don’t have the time to figure it out.

When people think of exercise it is usually something like:

“I need to start exercising”, or “Maybe I should join a gym”, or “I don’t have 1-2 hours per day to exercise”.  If you are anything like me; if a thought seems overwhelming, then it doesn’t happen.

All these thoughts of change in behaviour or habits bring a host of other questions – how? where? what?  And we definitely don’t have time to figure all that out, so we don’t do anything.

Whether it is starting to exercise, eat healthier, lose weight, sleep more, spend more time with friends, there is never enough time – right?  Wrong!  Just approach it differently.  Thoughts, especially those that make us feel guilty or negative about ourselves, don’t make us feel good and they don’t propel action.

Instead try these four steps:

  1. Determine what it is you want to do (ie. exercise, lose weight, sleep more)
  2. Write down your desired outcome (goal)  For example; “I want to exercise 3 times per week”
  3. Write down one specific action you can take today, or right now, to help make that happen. Here are some ideas.
    • Go and join the gym tonight after work
    • Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer
    • Start going for a walk every other night, starting today
  4. Tell someone what you are doing or set a reminder in a place where you won’t ignore it or miss it to make sure you take that very important first step.

This works great for me.  I got so much done today because of it, and this blog post is one of them 😀

Have a great day and good luck with getting closer to your goal, one step at a time.