By Owner & Director, Elisabeth Parsons – Personal Trainer


Do you fix your own car or do you take it to a mechanic?

Do you fix your malfunctioning toilet or do you call the plumber?

What about electrical issues…close your eyes and pray..?  No – you call an electrician because they are trained to do the work without burning your house down.

So why is it that everyone thinks they know how to exercise and that it’s some kind of failure on their part to ask for help from a personal trainer?  Clients have me come in for an initial assessment, explaining that they have never really worked out, but now they are going to try and go it alone “because it’s not rocket science right…?” Or, they tell me that it would just be too “self-indulgent” to do spend that kind of money on themselves.


I know the voice in the back of your head telling you, you don’t need, deserve, or whatever.. this.  But you do!  No one needs their body to work well more than mothers.  Whether you are chasing a toddler, shuttling kids to peeing your pantsvarious activities of which 3 happen at the same time at opposite ends of the city, or if you have to tie skates and figure out how to put hockey equipment on your boys – you need your body to work well.  Add a new baby to the mix and all the carrying, nursing etc… There is no time for back pain.  You can’t be running to the bathroom all the time or worrying about peeing your pants when you laugh at your kids’ jokes or because you got stuck in traffic on your way to the rink.  Yes – we help with those leaks, and the back pain, AND that mummy tummy that just won’t go away.

No, exercise is not rocket science.  Get moving.  Include activity in your day.  Join a gym.  Take a class.  Simple right?  However, statistics show us that less than 20% of adult Canadians and only 10% of children are active on a regular basis – meaning that they participate in some form of exercise regularly during the week.


I see you in the gym trying, wandering around and wondering what to do.  A little here, a little there, 20 minsweight loss on cardio equipment… In most cases, you get discouraged by poor results, or even worse – get injured and stop going.

So tell me again why hiring a trained specialist (a personal trainer) to help you get in shape, get fit and strong, in a way that is effective and safe is not necessary..???? #eyeroll

Maybe I am a little frustrated with the seemingly daily need to justify mine and my teams‘ value and expertise.  Mostly I feel horrible when I see you trying and doing what you think is best, just to see you get discouraged and give up.


10 reasons hiring a Personal Trainer is the best thing you will ever do:
  1. You are 80% more likely to reach your goals if you work with a personal trainer.  80%!!!!!Personal trainer
  2. Your personal trainer will design a program that is made just for you, tailored to your goals, needs, and specifications. We can help tone and heal your mummy tummy.
  3. We are excellent motivators 🙂 If we are standing at your door, or waiting for you at the gym you are not going to cancel nearly as often as you might want to.
  4. Good personal trainers quickly make changes and modifications to your program in case of a new ache or pain – ie. “I slept funny and my neck hurts” or “my plantar fasciitis is acting up today” And if peeing when you exercise is a problem, we can help with that too!
  5. We have an extensive referral system and can send you to other health professionals when needed.  For example, I always work with a certified Nutritionist when my client has weight loss as a goal
  6. We have the knowledge to create specialized programs for different circumstances like pregnancy, back pain, weak core, healing a diastasis recti.
  7. We can help you work out anywhere.  Whether you are at home, at the cottage or at a hotel – there is always a way to get a workout in.  Get your trainer to show you how.
  8. This might be unique to the trainers at Core Expectations – but we know how to work with babies and kids.  They get incorporated as extra “load”, held by the trainer and older kids become helpers.  Let us show you how your workout can be a family affair instead of being skipped because the kids are around.
  9. Personal trainers are inspiring role models.  Work with someone who has “been there, done that”
  10. It’s much more fun to work out with someone!

Here is a funny article about why you should apologize to your trainer, that I shared with a client the other day… she was happy she had only done approximately 10 of them 😉

No, we can’t fix your sink, toilet or car; we can make you feel the best you ever have!  Get tit, strong and feel capable.  Gain confidence and empower yourself by taking back control of your body.  New mama?  Tummy not looking the same?  Nothing feels the same?  Did you pee when you tried to run? We get it.  We’ve been there. We are moms, we are women and we are personal trainers.

Ladies, there is no shame in asking for help.  And as you walk out of your doctor’s office at the 6-week mark postpartum and he/she tells you; you are good to go… and you find yourself wondering HOW in the world…?  Or, maybe you had your kids a couple of decades ago like me and your body is starting to change and feel different.  Perhaps you have developed pelvic organ prolapse, or have become slightly incontinent?  We know you still want to work out and stay active and healthy and fit.  And you CAN!  A word from a client:

Elisabeth Parsons of Core Expectations was pivotal in identifying that my pelvic floor was weak and needed strengthening.  Her exercises were exactly what my body needed at each stage of my journey.  Now, I do not leak on the Tennis court!  Yeah!!!  Her depth of knowledge was impressive  She is the first and only provider that spotted this and gave me custom exercises to strengthen it.  And, I have been working on healing my Diastasis Recti for 4 years!  I am truly grateful for her expertise, her clear communication, her dedication and mastery of her work.  Elisabeth really cares about her clients, and I highly recommend her services to anyone!  She can help you heal!

Give us a call and let’s get you started.  Remember the saying – “A year from now you will wish you had started today”.  Don’t wait until January or whenever!  Get started today and let’s have some fun!