Pack your bags Mom – you’re going to camp! ¬†Don’t forget your slippers, best pyjamas, comfiest of clothes and…. maybe slip a bottle of wine into your bag, because this is not the kind of camp you send your kids to ūüôā

Summer is almost over – unfortunately. ¬†But it’s not all bad. ¬†For me, and many of my clients, September is every mom’s January. ¬†It’s time to get your life back! ¬†You know what I mean ūüėČ ¬†We are at the end of 8-10 weeks of kids being at home, under foot. ¬†We have spent the summer entertaining them and their friends, driving them around to various recreational activities, etc, etc. ¬†Hopefully you have had a nice family vacation somewhere in there and maybe you sent your kids off to some kind of camp. ¬†Hockey camp, horseback riding camp, tennis camp, day camp, art camp or perhaps away camp. ¬†You researched what was available, chose the appropriate one, downloaded packing lists or “to bring” lists, organized, dropped off, picked up your own and perhaps others as well. ¬†Busy busy busy.

Here’s my question: What did you do for yourself this summer? ¬†Just you? ¬†Not you and the kids, not you and your spouse… Just YOU… Yeah, that’s what I thought. ¬†That makes you just like every other mother, young or old. ¬†Everyone else comes first and when that’s all done and paid for there is no time and/or money left for you. ¬†It is my passion and desire in life to change that for every hard-working, self-sacrificing, wonderful, loving and accomplished mother out there. ¬†Even those who haven’t had young kids at home for a while. ¬†I bet you still haven’t done much for yourself. ¬†You just might be doing a little less for them… Am I right?

It came to be as a dream goal of mine.  You see; while I was raising 4 incredible boys and giving them, and their father, all of 11952849_1180477758634441_8767135473144834831_omy time, energy and love, I somehow lost my dreams and myself, truth be told.  When my husband and I separated after 19 years of marriage, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted or what my dream was.  For the past 20 years all my dreams tied into his goals and dreams or those of our boys.  Suddenly I found myself asking WHO I was, WHAT I wanted and what happiness was to me.  It was an incredible journey that helped me find true inner joy.  I have always been a happy person of nature, but this was different.  I was in touch with myself.  Decisions became easy because I was in touch with the part of me that told me if it felt right nor not.

There were 6 lessons I learned that got me there:

  1. I had to learn to really listen to what mattered to me. ¬†Not everyone else… ME.
  2. I had to learn what forgiveness was.  I thought I did, but I had no idea.  I learned to let go.
  3. In order to do this I had to learn to love myself.  It was easier than I thought it would be.
  4. I let my girlfriends help me get there.
  5. I learned how to dream – big! ¬†This is not about money, it’s about purpose, passion and fun.
  6. I made a decision to not let fear of failure stop me.

I became a wonder woman ūüôā11707783_1172328629449354_4892722162309655531_n

And now it is your turn. ¬†Do for you what you have always done for your kids. ¬†You send them to camp’s so they can learn more and have fun with their peers. ¬†You sign them up for extra curricular sports teams so they can be active and healthy with other kids and learn about the benefits of being part of a team. ¬†Your parents maybe did this for you, but when is the last time you spent time among other women, being kind to yourself, paying attention only to what you want and need? ¬†When is the last time you took some time for you? ¬†You know I am right.

You don’t say no to your kids, so stop always saying no to yourself!

I am so excited to be able to provide an opportunity for some very special women to do just that.  A place where you can feel safe and loved so you can let yourself dream and just be you.

So pack your bags mom, cause you’re going to camp!

See you there ūüôā

Elisabeth xo