Meghan Ford

Meghan couldn’t ignore the calling to work with pregnant families when, after her first child was born, her interest in the field was unwavering.  Meghan trained and worked as a nutritionist, and when her practice expanded to encompass moms and babies, coupled with her deep interest in birth, she decided to make a career shift to birth education and support.  Meghan, a birth doula since 2010, develops trusting, quality, and long-term relationships, educating and empowering her clients. Meghan sets a non-judgemental tone, putting her clients at ease and making them feel safe.

As a mom of two children with wildly different birth stories, Meghan understands the excitement and the challenges of each woman’s birth experience.  Bringing home a new baby begins a new chapter in the life of a family and Meghan is honored to be a part of that story.  Meghan would be happy to meet with you to discuss what type of support you are looking for and how she can help.

Meghan is passionate about movement and physical fitness.  Her favorite outlet to express this is through the martial art of capoeira.


Certified Birth Doula

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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