I have been running a female-focused fitness business for over 17 years now.  It started small as something I did in between dropping my kids off at school, preschool etc.  A local mom would come over to my house for some training or I would go to her.  As my boys grew older and more independent I increased my time commitment to my business and it has grown.  18 months ago I purchased another women’s fitness business to merge with mine.  This took me from being a one-woman show, to owning a company with over a dozen passionate health professionals working for me.  Scary, fun and incredibly challenging.

Sam and I enjoying a wonderful celebratory dinner

There are many things I love about running my own business like setting my own hours which allowed me to always be present at my boys’ events or to stay home with them if they were sick.  Being in charge is…well… nice, very nice.  Having all my efforts go towards something that is mine makes me feel proud and challenged.  And sometimes really scared and freaked out too, but that’s a different post.

The thing that has made this whole journey worthwhile though is the people.  The passionate ladies I work with, the health enthusiasts I teach and colleagues in the industry make this so fun!  And last, but not least – my clients!  Love my clients.

I purchased Core Expectations from a friend and colleague, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh.  It was her baby, she founded it and grew it.  But it was time for her to move on to other big adventures.  I am so proud and happy to say that through our legal dealings, the purchase and the transition in the last year and a half we have become even better and very close friends.  We support each other in our respective businesses, in fact, we look for ways to work together.  Recently we celebrated the successful completion of our transition contract for my purchase of Core Expectations and I am so excited to say that she will still be working with me and our clients.  We went out and celebrated with a fantastic workout where we both deadlifted 175lbs for the first time! Just in case you were wondering what personal trainers do when they get together… And after we went out for a fantastic meal and a glass of wine.

There are so many things to be grateful for no matter where we work and what we do, but it is always the people I work with that truly make it worth getting out of bed in the morning.