I am!  It’s -11 outside as I sit here with my hot coffee and warm sweater on dreaming of warmer days.  The best day all year is the first day the temp gets into the mid-teens and the sun is finally warm again instead of being a sign that it is probably very very cold outside.  You know what I mean; that first warm day in April when 14C and sun feels like 25C on our winter skin and we dig out our favourite shorts so we can go and sit outside and trying-shorts-on-in-the-springget some colour on our legs…. Only to discover to our horror we can’t do up the zipper!  What happened???!?  Winter, leggings, wine, adding natural insulation and big sweaters that hide everything happened.

And what about that day when your tennis league starts up again, or your local running buddies call you to get started on a running program now that it is nicer out…? That first workout makes you feel like you are going to DIE! You won’t be able to walk like a normal person for a week and walking down the stairs….well…nothing wrong with skootching down on your bum except for the fact that sitting down to do that is extremely painful…. You knowtired-runner what I am talking about 😉

Every year, we sell the more personal training packages in the spring as people realize that what they thought was 3-4 lbs of gain is actually closer to 10 and May long weekend is only a few weeks away…ghasp!!

There are a few things you can do to avoid these “moments” in April:

  1. Regular exercise. You joined a gym in January…get back in there!  Or go for a walk in the snow.  If you dress for it it is actually really nice.  We move a lot less in the winter as we tend to snuggle up inside and binge watch Netflix with our favourite popcorn and glass of wine.  It does get dark around 5pm after all…
  2. Find a friend to workout with or go for a walk, snow shoe or whatever with
  3. Buy a wearable fitness tracker. Tracking steps is very motivating and if you get the same one your friends have you can challenge each other which is even more motivating.
  4. We often crave comfort foods in the cold winter months, but try to reduce the serving size of pasta and bread intake and rather fill up on veggies and protein and healthy fats
  5. Weekly weigh-ins so when you see 2-3 extra pounds show up you can get on it right away. It is a lot easier to lose 3 lbs than 10.  But only once per week!  Same day, same time.
  6. FACT: You are 80% more likely to reach your fitness and health goals with a personalIMG_0144 trainer. Check out our Hearth Healthy February Promo #BecauseWeHeartYou. 22 sessions will take you to the beginning of May.  Shorts might even be too big…and that first tennis match or run will feel like it usually does mid-season.  And this month you can save over $300!!!

I can’t wait to get back on my bike and ride the trails again.  The training starts NOW!

Happy heart month!

Elisabeth xo