Or maybe the question should be – What should it be like to work with a personal trainer?  There are many considerations when making a decision to invest in a personal trainer.  First, you have to make the biggest decision of all – and that is to invest in yourself and your health.  You are not going to get anywhere if you are not fully committed to the process.

Your trainer is a great addition to your self-care team:

  • When you decide to work with a personal trainer, you have brought someone onto your self-care team who is fully committed to you and your health and fitness goals.  You are 80% more likely to reach your goals when you work with a trainer.

Your trainer will motivate and inspire you and keep you on track:

  • In addition to designing a personalized and custom training program, he/she will encourage you, motivate and inspire you and check in with you.
  • I suggest you share honestly with your trainer what your challenges are, as well as your “fall-downs”.  You know what I mean… the late-night ice cream; that you would rather binge-watch Netflix than go for a walk on the weekend and that getting sweaty hair during your lunch hour just isn’t going to work for you.  Don’t lie, don’t make excuses, just tell it as it is and your trainer will help you find a way to make this regular fitness thing work.

You will have a built-in cheerleader:

  • He/She will know when to cheer you on and when you need a break (even if that is not very often).  They know how hard you have worked and that even when everything seems waaay hard, your trainer will remind you of how far you have come.

Your trainer will be able to help you with any special considerations;

What the session looks like:

  • Most training sessions are 60 minutes long.  Usually, start with a warm-up unless you are tasked to do that ahead of time on your own (this is a better use of your time and money).  This is usually followed by your strength training and then a core component and a cool down and stretch before you leave.
  • Time will pass quickly because you are not alone.  And you will work harder – because someone is watching you and holding you accountable.
  • The hour will be used well because designing programs to be effective (goal driven) and efficient (timely) is what we do.  The hour usually starts with

If this has not been your experience, then it might be time to look for a new trainer.

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Authors:  Elisabeth Parsons, Personal Trainer & Owner of Core Expectations & Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, Personal Trainer