Life as a Woman

Life as a Woman

There is a lot of information on this site about pregnancy, post partum recovery etc etc.  Maybe your “babies” are older now and it’s not just about them and post partum recovery any more.  Now it is time to focus on you.  That’s why you are here – right?  This section is for you – the woman inside – the true you.  Let’s talk about looking after yourself in a way that makes you feel good.  It’s time to put in place a Self-Care plan so you can live the life you want to live.  It is when you live your optimal life that you can truly feel like a master of your universe, like the Wonder Woman you are.  Through our retreats, self-care seminars and blog, it is our hope to inspire you to live your true and most joyful life.  So join us as we go on this inspiring journey together.

What is a WonderWoman?

It is a woman who sees her own worth

She loves herself as much as she loves those closest to her

A WonderWoman knows that taking care of others means first taking care of herself through daily Self-Care

She is the master of her own universe and trusts herself to handle what life throws at her  – or has a bottle of wine close by…;)

She knows how to say no

My morning motivation

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Why I Eat Healthy! – A Mother’s Day story

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