If you want different or better results – DO. SOMETHING. DIFFERENT.

I have seen many personal training clients come and go.  They stop training for a variety of reasons; they might move away, return to work, scheduling doesn’t work anymore or perhaps they feel they need to do this on their own.  I always hate to see a client go as I really enjoy my time with all my clients.  However, in a perfect world in the life of a PT, I have taught them enough that they are now self-motivated, educated and disciplined and know enough to continue their exercise regime.  I always send them off with the same advice: “Make sure you keep challenging yourself like when we are together and keep changing it up!”  They always assure me that they will.

A few years ago I ran into a past personal training client who proudly told me she had been working out regularly in the year we had been apart, but that she was not seeing any real progress.  I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was doing exactly what we had been doing – a year earlier!  This is why people become frustrated with their exercise routine.  Whatever your health and fitness goals are (fitter, healthier, thinner or whatever), I am sure it would be safe to say that you are trying to move forward.

If everything else stays the same, your results will stay the same.

If you want something to change, then change how you get there!

So, how do we do that?  There are many different ways to change up your exercise routine:

  1. Sign up for a new fitness class
  2. Do your usual routine but backwards
  3. Add interval training to your workouts for max calorie/fat burn
  4. Always go for a run? Try a bike ride or Tabata instead – so much fun!
  5. Try splitting up your routine. Instead of 3 days of full body resistance training, start separating body parts on different days, and make each workout shorter but more intense.
  6. Add instability to your regular routine and incorporate many more balancing muscles (ie BOSU training, use of the Stability Ball)
  7. Try some of the free workouts I have made for you

So, how often should you change things up?  My recommendation if you are a beginner or intermediate exerciser you should change your workout every 4-6 weeks.  If you are very fit or an athlete your workout may need to change every 2 weeks.

Our body is very good at adapting to the “stress” we put on it.  After 4-6 weeks our neurotransmitters know what they are doing and the same effort is not required to do the same thing.  So, shock the body a little, often for optimal results.  BONUS: You won’t get bored!

Have fun getting fit!

Elisabeth xo