Is good health a lifestyle choice?

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I am writing this blog in answer to the comments that have come as a result of my rant on Facebook a few days ago. My rant was triggered by a photo which I find to be funny but also very true.

Is it simplistic? Sure. Is it judgemental? I don’t believe it is because in many cases the reality is that in today’s society we choose the easier way to achieve an acceptable end result. I am not judging – you do what you want and what you feel is right – I believe I am stating a fact, a reality…generally speaking of course.

But first, I have seen it is necessary for me to add some parameters of my opinion. So, let me wholeheartedly state that I am extremely grateful for modern medicine and what it has done for our quality of life and longevity. And of course, curing or helping with chronic illnesses, infertility, cancer, pain, mental disorders and any other number of things I have not mentioned here. The lifesaving skills of surgeons and what they are able to fix and do blow my mind.

I am, simply, talking about the part of our health that is within our control, self-care simply put. I believe we have an obligation to ourselves to take care of ourselves because if we don’t there is no one else who will. I mentioned, “if we take care ourselves like we do our children”. And this is so hard for us women and mothers as we prioritize the needs of our children way ahead of ours to the point of absolute exhaustion. I have been there. I have 4 boys and the last two are twins. When the twins were born my oldest was 5 1/2. Exhausted doesn’t even cover how I felt.  Sleep? I wanted nothing more, but there was nothing I could do to make it happen. My (ex) husband was not someone to help in the night. I had no family nearby and hiring a night nurse was not an option for us. And if someone idealistic personal trainer and said something to me about self-care and lifestyle to me back then…well, I’m not sure what I would have done, to be honest, so I hear where you are coming from.

But let me also say this; as much as I couldn’t control my sleep, I could control certain parts of my day and the choices I made with regards to how my older boys traveled to school, or what we did for activities during the day. We walked to school every day. It was extremely important to their father and I that they could walk to school. I went to the gym 3 times a week when the twins were little and made sure to find a gym that offered childcare so I could do that.  As a result, my house was often messy, they didn’t always have a morning nap and a typical lunch when we got home before afternoon naps would be a PB & J sandwich instead of something that would take time to put together.

Was it perfect? Absolutely. Not. But it was an acceptable compromise. Was every meal well balanced and super healthy? NO! But we avoided junk food as much as possible.

When I look at the photo above, that’s what I think of. The tiny lifestyle decisions we make every day that will potentially one day put us in that long line instead of the other one.

To answer some of the rebuttals; I do appreciate them by the way – honestly! One of you expressed the difficulty of opportunity and that “us trainers” by the nature of our profession have the extra hours in the day to workout. You are right on one hand in that we are in gym environments and we are in gym clothes by the nature of our job. And yes, I found ways to work out during the day. Not because I had so much time as much of my day was spent in the car driving to my clients. But because I made sure to work it in. I joined a gym that has locations everywhere so that when I had a gap between clients of 45-60 minutes I could swing in for a workout nearby. And I would like to say that I did not become a trainer until my twins were almost 4 and had already been working out 3-4 times per week for my entire adult life already. Sometimes it really does come down to choices of how you spend your time.  And you are right, you are so lucky to have healthy homegrown veggies outside your door – I envy you. But I am still able to do the next best thing (a lot of the time) and with proper planning incorporate vegetables and fruit into my meals most days – because no one is perfect 😉

In no way am I trying to chastise anyone or judge. You choose what you can manage, what you want to do and what your priorities are. But I do believe we have the choice/option to move our bodies every day in some way and that most days we also have the opportunity to choose to not eat something that is obviously not good for you and rather make a better choice for our bodies. That is simply put what I am talking about. Small choices that we make every day.

AND – now I am more committed than ever to show you how. I want to make this work for you because I know you are doing your best and that you are exhausted and that when I say that we can do better, I am adding something to your plate. A plate that is overflowing. So, please stick with me and let’s figure this out together. There is a way.

I continue to welcome your input whether you are in agreement or not. And now I just need one more thing from you please: tell me how I can help you. What do you wish you had time for? What are you trying to do but don’t know how? What is your greatest obstacle or challenge? How can I help?

Here is how you can have a say:

  • Go to my Facebook Page and comment on the post:
  • Comment here below this post
  • Contact me 🙂
  • Check out my previous post which has a link to quick at-home workouts and more easy tips you can start implementing today.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in fitness & health,


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