As the CEO of my company and my family I have made an executive decision: I am taking the morning off work to wrap Christmas presents.

I actually really enjoy wrapping gifts.  When my boys were really little I would wait until they all went to bed – at 8pm – and then sit down in front of the three, turn on some christmas music and wrap well into the night.  I might have had a glass of christmas cheer… that part is a big blurry… 😉

But as they got older and didn’t go to bed until later, or after me, that no longer worked.  I ended up sitting in my bedroom – where there is no tree – and wrapping with them knocking on the door wanting to see me regarding one disaster or another.  There was no fun in that.

My step son informed me yesterday that his last day at school before the holidays is on Thursday – which caused my insides to scream “oh shit!!!” as there is still so much to do without a bunch of bored teenagers lying around adding to the “decor”.  In addition one of my twins comes home from University on Thursday.  I am seriously running out of private time I realized.  And then, about 30 minutes ago, it dawned on me… Wrap them now.  In front of the tree.  With Norwegian Christmas carols playing.  With a glass of Christmas cheer…. no, probably not considering it is only 9:30am :/

So wish me happy wrapping.  And later, while I am working well into the night, I might have my Christmas cheer then.