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I love being on Social media on days like to today. So many beautiful posts about inspiring women, about love and so on. As a women’s health and wellness company, I debated with myself what message I feel is important today, and this video (below ⬇️) answered me as the message is very near and dear to me. I have so much concern for girls growing up today. Despite our great gains in the workforce and with equal rights, I feel we are still doing such a disservice when it comes to raising our young women today. And I don’t mean just as parents, but as a society. After all these young girls are being raised by women who were raised to be perfect, and quiet about things they didn’t like – the “grin and bear it” mentality and a society that reinforces this.

My boys and I in NYC Christmas 2014

I have raised four boys, and yes, I taught them to be brave, courageous, not take no for an answer, “go get’em” and reach for the stars. I would like to think that I would have raised daughters exactly the same, but I don’t know. How much of my own insecurities and misguided need to be perfect would I have pushed on to them, even if unintentionally? And then the whole perfection thing is reinforced by beautiful, seemingly perfect social media celebrities – famous for only one thing – having the perfect Instagram feed and seemingly perfect accompanying life.


My message to young women today: 
Life is not perfect. Relationships are not perfect. Parenting is far from perfect. Life is messy and dirty and very imperfect. So let’s instead strive for “perfectly” imperfect and all the mess and s#!t that comes with that. Strive to live a life that makes sense to you and have fun going over all the bumps and by being brave, learn from all the bruises you acquire along the way. Focus on what is important to you and live a life of integrity. And know that if anyone in your life has a problem with any part of that, they simply don’t belong in your life. There is nothing wrong with you if they don’t like you for being you – there is something wrong with them 😉 for not appreciating your passion, integrity and values. This is not the easy way to live, but it is the right way – because it is the way that will have you sleeping well – most of the time… until you hit menopause 🙄 But that’s a whole other conversation…

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