I sit here and write this as the snow is blowing past my window in the middle of March.  I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to warmer days, green grass and spending more time outdoors.  We are coming into what I call a personal trainer’s “January”.  Soon we will have that one really nice warm day when we pull out our shorts put them on….and (ghasp!) realize they don’t zip up as well as they did last summer, if they zip up at all!!  Hibernating can do that to us.  Eating comfort foods, sitting more, moving less.  No need to panic!  There is lots of time to get in shape, trim a few pounds and feel fantastic as spring approaches.  But you have to start now!  And as a mother of 4 I know some of your greatest limitations is time and the kiddies, so let’s combine the two so this can work

5 things you can start doing today:

  1. Pick two bad nutritional habits (you know exactly which ones I am talking about) and eliminate them today and have some fun preparing a healthy meal with your toddler. They are more likely to acquire healthy eating habits if they help make the meal.
  2. Start moving more. Get a fitness tracker, use your phone or track it yourself – but start moving!  There are lots of ways to add steps to your day; When you run upstairs to get something do it twice; park farther away; walk your kids to school instead of driving them.  There is time – do it!  You will all benefit.
  3. Start planning – a goal without a plan will not happen. Every evening before you settle for the night, schedule your workout activity into your phone/calendar and honour it just like you would any other appointment.  Respect yourself by making this time for you important.
  4. Exercise and lift like you mean it. And by that I mean work hard.  Walking, yoga, pilates are all great activities, but they won’t make you lean or fit unless you up the intensity.  Walk places where you can incorporate hills and/or stairs, go to the gym and lift weights that are heavy.  Do things that are hard.  See below for my 5 functional moves for spring.
  5. Grab a friend to do this with. You are much more likely to succeed and stick with it if you have a friend to do it with.  Find a mutually available time, schedule it in your calendar and commit to doing this together.  You can also up the stakes and promise some kind of reward if you both stick with it for a certain period of time like a day at the spa or a partner session with a personal trainer

Have fun, be fit and strong!