Does it seem impossible to find time to live well in a way that includes exercise and a healthy, active lifestyle?  It’s simpler than you might think, especially if you follow Harley Pasternak’s (Celebrity Trainer) 5 steps discussed below.

Once a year, every year, I attend one of the biggest fitness conferences worldwide right here in Toronto, Canada.


Find time to include these 5 key health tips

Our keynote this year was given by Harley Pasternak – a Canadian personal trainer who lives and works in Los Angeles training the rich and famous in between writing books. I was so inspired by the simplicity of his message of the 5 things we can and should do daily: Move more, sleep more, eat well, unplug and exercise in moderation, but daily.

We can all do that!  Seriously, we can!!  There is no need for us to go and destroy our bodies to prove how badass we are.  We don’t need to throw up at the end of the workout to show that we worked hard.  We don’t need to push ourselves to the point of injury to prove that we are committed.  We simply need to move more and often.

So, my fitness tracker is on today.  I work out regularly and I do move, but I also sit and work on my business for way too many hours a day week in and week out.  So, this is going to be a work in progress.  I have to find time to get more steps in so today I walked to my morning meeting and rode my bike to an afternoon meeting.  I moved more than most office days. For now I have to be proud of that.

What can you do, starting tomorrow, to move your health forward in these 5 ways?  It’s all about baby steps.  Not all have to be done right away.  Work towards it in a way that is sustainable.  Comment below on the one thing you are going to do starting tomorrow.

Good luck and have fun!