I will soon have 27 Mother’s Days under my belt (as a mother) and can honestly say most of them have been very nice.  For years, we would go out for brunch with our four little boys, my mother in law and her mother in law… not the most fun considering we had to keep four little ones under control, but usually the rest of the day was spent relaxing at the cottage while my (ex)husband took care of the mundane tasks of changing diapers, feeding little ones and the evening bath.  You see all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to NOT.  Not change, feed, fight, clean, cook, bathe…basically not do what I did every single day.  Other than that, I was good with spending the day with my babies.

The boys at Ambleside beach in North Vancouver 1996

But one year stands out as very special.  We were living in Vancouver, far away from family.  Their dad had gone back to Ontario on business and was staying for the weekend to see his mom.. understandable, I guess…  So, I was alone with my four boys, ages 7, 4 ½ and twins aged 16 months.  The night before, my oldest, Clayton, comes to me and looks upset.  “Mom, tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  I want to bring you breakfast in bed, but Dad’s not here to help me…and I can’t make eggs and toast on my own and look after my brothers” The look on his face was absolute loss… he had no idea what to do…or how to do it.

I had baked that weekend so we had boller (a Norwegian sweet bun) in the house as well as fruit, so I told him I really didn’t want eggs anyway, but would love a bowl of strawberries, a bolle and a glass of orange juice.  Omg, the look of relief on his face almost made me cry.  Then he asked when I wanted breakfast knowing full well his brothers, and himself, would, as usual, be up at 6 am.  I asked that I be allowed to stay in bed alone until 7 am.

Of course, I heard them all for the hour before, but Clayton did such a fantastic job of keeping the boys busy and away from me.  Have no idea what he did to keep the twins away, don’t want to know 😉

At 7 am the noise outside my bedroom door made it clear my breakfast was arriving.  And I got exactly what I wanted.  Juice, a bolle, and strawberries, plus adorable cards and big hugs from 4 smiling boys.  We had a quiet day together, just us.  It was nice to not have to pay attention to anyone else that day…  And at the end of the day, I could honestly tell Clayton when he asked how my day was – that I had had the very best Mother’s Day ever!

Thank you, Clayton, Eric, Jackson and Thomas.  Love you all so much.