Last big weekend of the summer is coming up to be followed by back to school for anyone and everyone between the ages of 4 and 24.
For some moms, this can be bittersweet; our little ones are growing up, our not so little ones are perhaps heading out of town for school.
For others, it’s a relief as summer squabbles come to an end and we head back to more structure and routine, back to friends and learning.
Whether you have kids headed back to school or not, take this changing of the seasons as an opportunity take a page out of that school notebook and get back into good habits and routines as we ease into fall.

Make your schedule
Schools are really good at providing kids with routines and schedules. They might say they hate it, but we know they thrive when they know what is expected of them and when they know what is going on.  It makes them feel safe and comfortable.  Routine and schedules do the same for us adults!
Show of hands please – how many of you feel you need to return to a routine of regular exercise (my hand is up – believe me!!!)
So take a few minutes and look at your week ahead and schedule in your workouts along with everything else you are scheduling in.

Set goals
Take a look at the year ahead and see if you have any fitness related goals coming up.  Maybe this will be the year you go on that ski holiday actually prepared by being strong and fit before you go, instead of wishing you had started sooner getting ready for that holiday or the mountain hike with your girlfriends or… you get what I am saying.  Plus it is much more fun to exercise when you have a goal you can get excited about, even if that goal is looking good on the beach in Cuba this January 😉

Update your “supplies”
So, by supplies I mean make a list of the tools you need to help you succeed in your goal.  For example – where will you be tracking your exercise?  Online calendar?  Paper calendar?  Is there an app you like to use to track your exercise, weight or anything else?  Is there a fitness class you usually attend which hasn’t seen you in 2-3 months.
It’s time to update your calendar, your apps and the information in them.  Contact your local gym and find out when the classes are starting up again and the schedule and put them in your calendar!

Meet the teacher
What’s the No. 1 thing you need to learn or do to be more successful with your health and fitness goals?  Whatever your answer, there’s a coach, personal trainer, nutritionist waiting to meet you and help you put a plan in place to do just that.
I’m a big believer in investing in the right coaching and support to help reach the next level of whatever you are trying to do — which is why our 7 days with our Team covers so many areas of what is necessary to achieve optimal health.  It gives you a real chance to see what it is like to learn from our team.  We will cover posture, core strength, exercise on your time, nutrition advice plus an incredible gift from our nutritionist showing you how easy it is to make changes that will dramatically improve your health and vitality.
But wherever you decide to go for coaching or training, investing in your own health is a smart way to reach your next goal or milestone.

Find some friends
For most of us, seeing our friends every day was probably the best part about going back to school.
This holds true when it comes to achieving health goals.  It is a fact that people who have a workout buddy or an accountability partner is 60% more likely to stick to the program. This fall, challenge yourself to find some fitness besties that you can connect with regularly for support and camaraderie.  The community and support inside our “Let’s Do This Ladies” Facebook group provides just that.  Support and encouragement along with an opportunity to check in with our team of professionals.  And that’s all free – yup…free!

Grade yourself
I am not talking about fitting into a certain size or reaching a specific weight and the corresponding “mark”.  But when you set goals, it only works if you can measures them.  How else will you know if you are moving in the right direction and when you actually reach your goal and need to set a new one  (right after the celebratory happy dance and high fives from all of us) So write down your goal somewhere and put it away.  And then check back in on that goal every week, or every other week, depending on what the goal is and what works for you.

So, take a moment or two this week to decide where you’d like to get a fresh start, and make September the new January for your health and wellness.

Let my team help you get there and sign up for 7 FREE days with us here  Also make sure to join our private Facebook Group where we support and encourage each other on this journey towards optimal health, joy and happiness.  See you there!

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