Are you a female athlete?  I realize you may not think of yourself as one, but in my eyes you are.  I have trained women who range from young track athletes that are 16 years of age to an elderly woman who wanted to be able to walk up her stairs with ease at 94 (incredible lady)!  On some level, you are all female athletes because your goal is to move better, feel better and stronger and to do so for a long, long time.  But to be clear about what defines you as an athlete in our eyes and so you will be trained as one read on.

This describes our Female Athletes:
  • I like to exercise at a higher intensity.
  • I like to do it often – several times per week
  • I CrossFit, run, do HIIT, bootcamps, or tough workouts of any kind
  • I like to challenge myself
  • I set athletic performance goals for myself (could be a 5k)
  • I am motivated by pushing my body to its limit to see what it can do
  • I eat well to keep my body healthy and strong so I can do what I want
  • I want to keep doing this for a long time, for years to come.
  • Training is a priority in my life
  • Not being able to train ruins my day, week or month
  • I might compete against others
  • I do compete against myself
  • No day is too busy for a workout
  • My workout turns any bad day into a better day

If any, one, or several of these describes your relationship with exercise then you ARE a Female Athlete

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Posted by Core Expectations on Tuesday, December 12, 2017