Andrea Gabriele

Andrea Gabriele is a Certified Personal Trainer with canfitpro with over 3 years experience in sports conditioning, body weight exercises and weight loss. As an avid swimmer, volleyball and baseball player, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sport based training. However, she also recognizes the importance of versatility and incorporates stretching, flexibility, joint mobility and meditation into her training programs.

Being committed to providing the most fun, versatile and effective training techniques available she brings a “personal touch” to each of her training sessions. She is looking forward to helping mommy’s re-connect with themselves and feel strong and healthy again, through appropriate and functional exercises as they relate to everyday activities and the client’s specific needs and goals.  Strong glutes, a stable core, balance/coordination and flexibility are the cornerstone of effective personal training when it comes to an active woman’s lifestyle.

Andrea is also committed to improving the physical activity of children, reducing the level of childhood obesity, and improving the overall long-term health of our youth. She has worked with several after school programs in the elementary school system to develop programs designed to get kids active and moving. 

Andrea has volunteered her time as a regular guest speaker at the Running Room for their 5km, 10km and even marathon clinics. She was also invited as a guest speaker for the Costi Women of Courage annual Celebration.

In her spare time Andrea enjoys DIY renovation projects, reading, hiking and most recently in 2014, successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. 

Training area:  West Toronto, Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan


Personal Trainer Specialist, canfitpro
Core Confidence Trainer, Bellies Inc
Fitness Kickboxing Level 1
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, canfitpro

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