And I am the owner of Core Expectations – a fitness and wellness company in the Greater Toronto area.  We take care of women by bringing all our services to you. Whether you need a personal trainer, nutritionist, pelvic floor physiotherapist or a massage – our team comes to your house so you don’t have to figure out the logistics of finding care for young kids, and finding the time to travel to these various appointments.

As a mother of 4 boys and a divorced, remarried, step-mom who is no longer in her 20’s (or anywhere close), I feel I can honestly say; I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to not feel confident in myself and struggle to find the strength I need both in my body and spirit. It was through difficult times that I learned to make time for myself every day. It gave me the energy and inner strength I needed.  It allowed me to feel that there was something in my life that was mine and that I could control. My health. My responsibility, and my path to happiness, joy and life purpose. I saw that when I made time for myself, I could give much more and be the person I really wanted to be to my family, friends and my career. I overcame the inner battle of always feeling I should put myself and my needs on the bottom of the list. I stopped thinking of being fit and healthy as selfish and started thinking of it as a survival mechanism and necessity. I feel so much better about myself and my life when I prioritize my wellbeing.

I have spent most of my adult life in Canada, but growing up in Norway taught me what it means to live an active life and how easy it can be to fit it in. Bike to work. Walk to the store. Walk to pick up kids from playdates and school. It was a way of life in Norway, and I made it mine here too.

Women are the engines that drive family and family life. My boys placed high demands on my energy level and at times patience when they were younger. Being physically fit and eating well benefited me tremendously. It has allowed me to be a positive role model for my own children and helped them to in turn embrace a healthy active lifestyle. It is this lifelong passion for living well I want to share with you.

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