Most adults wear many hats.  Women wear more than men – usually.  Business owners wear more than most.  Female business owners…. Well, let’s just say – there is never a dull moment.  And to answer your question; yes – I do work out most days of the week.

Most of my days during the consist of the following:

  • Early rise (6am or so) – coffee, breakfast, pack food for the day

    Packing good, healthy food ensures a day full of energy

  • Several client appointments
  • Workout or Mountain Bike ride
  • Shower
  • More client appointments
  • Office work – talk to clients, my team etc
  • Project work – love this!!
  • Talk to various kids or step kids, of which all are in late teens or early twenties, catching up on the latest, solving problems, listening patiently, providing options and being told “you don’t get it” or, my fav; “thanks, momma”
  • Make dinner…? Often done by my sweet husband
  • More client appointments or driving duty
  • More admin work or fall asleep to some Netflix show I watch with my husband
  • Bedtime – before 10pm…sometimes much before…

Love sweaty workouts 😉

Most of these days are spent in workout clothes.  I wear them to see my clients.  Then I workout and sweat in these clothes, shower, and usually get back into fresh training clothes to go and see another client.  I am not complaining, but I will admit there are days when dressing up like Rachel and Donna on “Suits” looks really awesome.

Today my day started early with a client appointment and was followed by a trail ride on the way home.  And then it occurred to me: I can shower and put “real clothes” on because I have no more client appointments today!!!  Super excited, I got dressed in pants with a zipper and buttons and a blouse.  I just had to share it with you.  It’s all in the small stuff 😉

What is some of the small stuff that gets you all excited about your day?  Please share below.

Stay fit and happy until next time

Elisabeth xo