First – Congratulations on being pregnant! 

As soon as you announce to your family and friends that you are pregnant, advice will start pouring in.  Whether you have asked or not, everyone and I mean everyone feels compelled to share a “nugget” of information with you.  Unfortunately most like to share horror stories and they love telling you what you can’t or even better “shouldn’t” do.  It has always amazed me that people you barely know and who you certainly don’t share intimate details of your life with suddenly feel they have the right to ask you whether you plan on breastfeeding and for how long!

As a mother of 4 and a health and wellness coach to countless new and expectant mamas – here is a gathering of tips based on what YOU have told me over the years, plus perhaps a little of what I wish I had known if I was to do again.


  1. Write a funny letter to your baby about the pregnancy. Cravings, weird dreams, giggles, hiccups etc
  2. Go away with your spouse before your little one arrives. It will never be the same again.
  3. See a pelvic physio to learn very important info about your body, and labour. See her late in the 2nd or early in 3rd trimester
  4. Consider using a birth Doula and/or midwife
  5. Educate your partner on exactly what you want so your plan becomes his plan too. That way he can help you better, which is what he will want to do.
  6. Exercise, but safely
  7. Spend time with your mom. She will love it and you will love her help when baby is born
  8. Sing your favourite nursery song / lullaby to your belly/baby. He/she will remember once born and will settle to this song like no other.  Tried and true!  My sons’ favourite was “hush little baby”
  9. Buy yourself some pretty maternity clothes
  10. Buy yourself beautiful and practical post-partum and nursing lingerie. Yes it exists and I can set you up



  1. Don’t Google too much. It will drive you nuts.
  2. Don’t ask too many questions on Facebook unless you are prepared for a lot of negative comments as well, especially about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing etc. This decision should be made by you and your partner without any guilting by strangers.
  3. Don’t read too many books. It will overwhelm you.  You were actually born to do this.  You will know what is right.  Just listen to your heart, your gut
  4. Don’t tell anyone the name you are considering. I am sure you get why.
  5. Don’t listen to other’s birth stories, they only tell the awful parts (not that there are any awful parts..)
  6. Don’t eat too much ice cream… or anything else that you will regret when you have 50 lbs to lose. You are NOT eating for two in calories, just in nutrients.
  7. Don’t say no to help! You need it, want it and they want to help you. Say YES!
  8. Don’t stop exercising. You need to be strong for what is ahead.  Childbirth is a major physical feat!  Not to mention carrying the little one in your belly all those months and after on the outside, and laundry baskets…..lots and lots of laundry baskets.
  9. Don’t buy a cheap stroller. Your stroller = freedom.  So it needs to hold up to a lot, ride well and do what it is meant to do
  10. Don’t worry – you’ve got this

Remember this is your baby, your body and the only other person who really has any say is the person who helped you make the baby 😉

For everything else, you can ask our Holistic Nutritionists, Doulas, Naturopathic doc, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Physios if you have any questions.  We can and have answered all of them.

Good luck to all you beautiful and wonderful moms to be!  We love you all.  And remember you are an instrumental part of your very own miracle and no one gets to tell you how to enjoy or do that.  You are WonderWoman!